No person or corporation shall engage in the practice of installing electrical wiring, fixtures, or appliances for the use of electrical current in the city or in the practice of plumbing, mechanical, or general contract work in the city without first having obtained a license to engage in any such practice and without giving the proof of surety as hereinafter provided for in this article unless exempt under section 4-802.

(Code 1973, 5-701; Code 1983; Ord. 1580, Sec. 1)

Any bona fide owner of a residential or commercial structure, including the usual accessory structures, shall be exempt from the contractor’s licensing requirements and may be granted a building permit to improve said structure provided he or she personally purchases and installs all materials used, and further provided, all work shall be inspected and approved by the City. In addition, any individual performing any specific work of a contractor nature which does not require a building, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical permit and has a total value of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) or less shall not be required to obtain a contractor’s license for that specific job.

(Code 1973, 5-704; Ord. 1456; Code 1986; Ord. 1580, Sec. 3; Ord. 1687, Sec. 1)

Any person or persons desiring to engage in the practice of electrician, plumber, mechanical contractor, or general contractor shall first make application to the City Clerk for the license(s) to engage in such practice(s). The application for a contractor’s license shall set forth the name and correct post office address of the applicant; and if a partnership, shall set forth the names and correct post office addresses of all partners together with such other information as may be required by the governing body of the City. Upon the filing of such application, the governing body shall make such investigation as it may deem necessary as to the qualifications of the individual(s) and any employees, and if the applicant and employees are found to be qualified to engage in such practice and possessed of sufficient skill, experience, and training to engage in such practice in compliance with the applicable model codes of the City, shall authorize the issuance of a license to the individual(s). The license shall thereupon be issued by the City Clerk upon the payment of an annual license fee of $50.00 for the initial license, which shall expire on the 31st day of December next after its issuance. The license may be renewed by December 10th next after issuance upon qualifying as in the case of the original license with the renewal fees being $25.00. Any holder of a contractor’s license may obtain approval for the employment of an additional employee or employees upon presentation to the Building Official of satisfactory evidence that such additional employees are qualified to engage in such business without payment of any additional fee. Before any license shall be issued to an individual(s), the applicant(s) shall file with the City Clerk a certificate of insurance for liability insurance, including projects and completed operations, in the amount $100,000 or more for each license held to be approved by the City Attorney as to form and by the governing body as to surety, which surety shall be conditioned that the principal, and all employees, will comply with all the ordinances of the City relating to model codes and to hold the City harmless on account of any damages arising from faulty performance or neglect of duty by the holder of such license.

(Code 1973, 5-705; Ord. 1433; Ord. 1456; Code 1986; Ord. 1580, Sec. 5; Ord. 1687, Sec. 2)

Any license issued under the provisions of this article may be revoked by the Building Official upon proof that the licensee(s) has failed, neglected, or refused to comply with any of the provisions of this article or with other ordinances of the city relating to or regulating the particular type of work for which such license was granted: Provided, That no such license shall be revoked without the giving of a written notice of the intention to revoke such license and without giving such licensee a full opportunity to be heard before the governing body as to any complaint made against him or her. Upon the revocation of any license granted under the provisions of this article, no refund shall be made of any part of the license fee previously paid by the licensee.

(Code 1973, 5-706; Ord. 1580, Sec. 7; Ord. 1687, Sec. 3)

Any helper or apprentice employed by any person, firm, or corporation licensed under the provisions of this article shall listed on the contractor’s license without the payment of any additional fee, and all work done by any helper or apprentice shall be carried on under the immediate supervision of a licensed electrician, plumber, mechanical contractor, or general contractor, as the case may be.

(Code 1973, 5-707; Code 1983; Ord. 1580, Sec. 9; Code 2017)

No license issued hereunder shall be assignable or transferable, and it shall be unlawful for any licensee to permit his, her or its license to be used or allow permits to be taken out in the name of such licensee by any other person, firm, or corporation.

(Code 1973, 5-708; Ord. 1580, Sec. 11)

The Building Official, under the direction of the City Manager, shall keep a complete record of all licenses issued and the names of all helpers and apprentices registered under the provisions of this article and shall cause suitable records of all official actions taken hereunder to be kept and preserved. All necessary blanks and record books shall be provided by the City.

(Code 1973,5-709; Ord. 1580, Sec. 13; Code 2017)

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this article shall upon conviction thereof be fined in any sum not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00, and each day’s continuance of such violation shall be considered a separate offense. Any conviction of a violation of the provisions of this article by a licensee shall be sufficient cause for the revocation of the license of such licensee.

(Code 1973, 5-710; Code 1983; Ord. 1580, Sec. 15; Code 2017)