The city will operate a system of public recreation and playgrounds, acquire equipment and maintain land, buildings or other recreational facilities.

(Code 1973, 12-601; Code 2018)

The recreation system established by this article shall be given charge of the recreation program, as authorized by law, and shall be empowered to conduct the activities of the system on any property under the custody and control of the city, or with proper consent, on any other public property and upon private property with the consent of the owners. The recreation commission shall be entitled to receive gifts from any source whatsoever.

(Code 1973, 12-602)

A recreation commission, consisting of five members is hereby established which commission shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city council. The first appointee shall serve for a period of four years, the second appointee for three years, the third appointee for two years, the fourth appointee for one year, and the fifth member shall serve for four years and shall be appointed by the four appointed members of the commission. Thereafter, members of the commission shall be selected in the same manner as the member he or she is succeeding, and the term of office of each shall be four years. The commission shall elect a presiding officer and secretary, and is hereby empowered to administer, in all respects, the business and affairs of the recreation system.

(Code 1973, 12-603)

Disbursements made by the recreation commission shall be paid by voucher and the claims paid by the commission shall be duly verified. Any amounts received from the levy of taxes shall be used by the commission for the operation and maintenance of the system of public recreation and playgrounds, for the acquisition of equipment, for the maintenance of land, buildings and other recreational facilities and for the employment of a superintendent of recreation and assistants for the operation of the system.

(Code 1973, 12-604)

The city shall levy a tax not to exceed four mills, under and by virtue of authority of the laws of Kansas, K.S.A. 12-1922 et seq., for the maintenance and operation of the recreation system. The funds shall be held by the treasurer of the city, who shall be the ex officio treasurer of the recreation commission.

(Code 1973, 12-605)

It shall be the duty of the recreation commission annually and not later than 40 days prior to the date for publishing of the budget of the City of Russell, to certify its budget to the city.

(Code 1973, 12-606)

The recreation commission shall have all powers vested in the commission by the laws of Kansas, K.S.A. 12-1901:1910.

(Code 1973, 12-607)