The governing body finds that parking of vehicles on certain streets covered by a heavy accumulation of snow is a matter affecting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Russell for the reason that parked and stalled vehicles impede snow removal operations and cause serious traffic congestion and hazard.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 1)

Whenever snow has accumulated or there is a possibility that snow will accumulate to such a depth that snow removal operations will be required, the city manager, or in the absence of the city manager, the chief of police, may declare a traffic emergency and until such traffic emergency is terminated it shall be unlawful to park a vehicle on any street designated an emergency snow route in section 14-405.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 2)

Upon declaring a traffic emergency the city manager shall forthwith cause appropriate notice thereof to be given through the local press, radio, and other media. The parking emergency shall be terminated by notice given substantially in the same manner as the parking emergency was declared.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 3)

All vehicles parked on emergency snow routes must be removed within six hours after notice of a traffic emergency has been given. Any vehicle parked on an emergency snow route after such period of time may be removed or caused to be removed by a police officer to the nearest garage or other place of safety and the vehicle may not be recovered until the towing and any storage charges are paid.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 4)

The following streets are hereby established as emergency snow routes within the city:

(a)   Copeland Street from Wichita Avenue to Wisconsin Street

(b)   Lincoln Street from Wichita Avenue to 15th Street

(c)   Wisconsin Street from Van Houten to Copeland street

(d)   15th Street from Van Houten Street to Copeland Street

(e)   Ash Street from Wichita Avenue to Dorrance Street

(f)   Jewell street from Fossil Street to Maple Street

(g)   Maple Street from Jewell Street to Luray Street

(h)   Luray Street from Maple Street to Kansas Street

(i)    Kansas Street from Luray Street to Jewell Street

(j)    Parkside from Copeland to Fairway

(k)   Fairway from Parkside to State

(l)    State from Fossil to Fairway

The public works director shall, upon passage of this article, cause appropriate signs to be installed along each of said streets designated emergency snow routes.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 5; Code 2018)

Any owner of a vehicle who shall violate the provisions of this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in an amount not to exceed $100.

(Ord. 1575, Sec. 6)